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Coming June 11, 2024 from She Writes Press

Mayhem, magic, and a soul-making journey to Ukraine and Belarus.


Zoya’s Gift is a story of healing from a devastating loss by building bridges where once there were walls, and weaving together a family of strangers with no common language or culture. Laced with humor and hope, this story is crucial in a world fractured by politics, race, culture, and war. Embracing connection is more important now than ever before. But how?

Gail McCormick's memoir is an offering to those who hunger for meaning and resilience. It is a testament to our potential to heal the past and shape the future. And it confirms that which our hearts have always known: We belong to each other.

Excerpts and More Here

Pacific Northwest Writers Association

Nonfiction/Memoir Finalist

A tender odyssey of the soul, by turns both personal and political, Zoya’s Gift is an intimate memoir of love and grief that shows how, with willingness and courage, there are many ways to create a family of the heart when a family of the womb was not to be.

Jody Day,

Founder of Gateway Women and author of Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning, and a Fulfilling Future Without Children


Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Narratives of Coping

How do you create a positive life when you can no longer work, shop, or socialize without serious consequences to your health? People with sensitivities to low-level chemical exposures must answer this question.


This book is a collection of personal stories describing the lives, losses, hopes, and coping strategies of people with MCS, an environmental illness impacting people of all ages. In narratives laced with courage, humor, and hope, they tell how they have overcome helplessness and isolation to build new and satisfying lives.

These stories dispel the myths associated with MCS, and will help others to articulate their experience to family, friends, co-workers, and health care providers. 

Gail McCormick’s book is a bell sounding a warning to us all. MCS will be the AIDS of tomorrow, unless we take action now against those who value profit over lives.

Studs Terkel,

Author and historian

Water Foam


An essay excerpted from Zoya’s Gift, Building a Bridge to a Global Family

The Timberline Review

Summer/Fall 2017 



Gail McCormick's essay on communing with the land and spirits

Santa Fe Literary Review 2019 



A white woman speaking truth to people of color about her childhood indoctrination to racism.

Santa Fe Literary Review 2021

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